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Swimming Pool

The tiled pool is long enough to swim laps, and deep enough to practice diving from the professional diving board. The pool is naturally solar heated and can be cool in the colder times. As it is the pool seems to warm enough for kids any time of the year. Full solar heating is planned for the future.

Pool Policy: Renters of the Casa Grande are urged to share the pool with renters of La Casita, and with mutual respect, it always works out well.

Casa Raab Pool
The sun deck and pool at Casa Grande.


Tours are the best way to cover ground and see the many basic sights of Oaxaca. Tours can range from very professional educational formats to the more casual. Most touring is a one day affair; leaving just after breakfast and coming home before dark. Prices for tours vary, but planning on about $250 per full day for a vehicle and driver is about right.

Calle de Jesus Carranza in Oaxaca Centro.


Our animal rescue program is flourishing. To date we have saved and found homes for over 600 puppies! On site we have burros, horses, parrots, dogs, cats and turtles. Burro rides for the kids... and lots of petting and playing around with the critters.

Petting Zoo
Rescued puppies at our petting zoo.


Hiking is endless... first on our 40 acre eco-preserve which borders on the mountains that eventually become jungle rainforests above the Caribbean. Casa Raab managers leave every morning at 7:15 on "the walk" ...a locally famous morning adventure with all the guests, neighbors and animals that wish to come along.


Over 250 different species have now been sighted at or very close to Casa Raab. Local guides can take you to the best spots farther from the Casa. Check with us for bird lists.

Mountain Biking

The dirt roads and trails surrounding Casa Raab are perfectly suited for mountain biking. We have a local (US) mountain bike guide who can supply equipment and help plan appropriate rides.

Mezcal & Music

Both mescal and music abound in Oaxaca. We grow tens of thousands of agave plants for making into mescal (like tequila)... and many of them go into our own primitive still. Once here you will have access to the best mescal in the world! Music is everywhere: from symphonies in the Oaxaca zocalo to indigenous Zapotec music to Americana jam sessions at our own bodega on Thursday nights with the Bodega Boys (link to bodega boys site if it still exists -- or at least photos in the cloud). There is music to suit nearly everyone's taste. Bring your instrument if you can!

Primitive Still at Casa Raab
The primitive still at Casa Raab.
The Bodega Boys
Jamming with the Bodega Boys.

Oaxaca City

Centro is about 20 minutes from Casa Raab. All the wonderful sights and sounds of this great colonial city await you. Galleries, churches, museums, street venders, entertainers... and hundreds of small shops and hidden places to explore. Of course the famous zocalo (town square) is always waiting for you to settle down with that afternoon drink and watch the endless stream of interesting people.

The zocalo in Oaxaca Centro.